Riley County Commission, August 2, 2018

Riley County Commission August 2, 2018

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Rodriguez and Wells present, Wilson absent.

County Clerk Rich Vargo reported the new voting machines will have print out ballots available so voters can examine them for verification.  The State is requiring that voting machines be used.  Vargo said he would prefer mail in ballots such as those used in Oregon and Washington.

Greg McHenry, Appraiser, said 18 tax appeals were filed this year.  Some were from the same entities that had appealed last year and who had been granted small claim adjustments.  This year, however, the appeals were all decided in favor of the County.

McHenry said Representative Tom Phillips has been working with him to develop legislation relating to the “black store” concept now being pursued by some retailers.  “Black stores” would refer to stores being taxed as if they were empty of merchandise.

Ron Fehr, Manhattan City Manager, gave a brief update to the Commissioners on issues facing the City. He noted the business park is filling up and the City will be looking for ways to expand or create an additional park.  The airport is doing well, with about 75,000 persons using flights this year.

The airport has been unable to attract a restaurant and will be using vending machines for the time being.

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