Riley County Commission July 26, 2018

Riley County Commission July 26, 2018

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Wells, Rodriguez and Wilson present.  Rodriguez chaired.

County Attorney Barry Wilkerson reported two attorneys in his office successfully prosecuted a murder case.  Also, Manhattan recently hosted a conference on Human Trafficking.  Approximately 180 attendees were from outside Manhattan and seemed to be very positive about the facilities and the restaurants and attractions available.

County Attorney Clancy Holeman asked the Commissioners to check their calendars to set a date to attend a “fence viewing”.  It is the responsibility of the Commissioners to make decisions regarding disagreements between land owners over their fences.

Health Department Director Jennifer Green requested approval of a contract with the health insurance provider Aetna under the County’s KANCARE contract.  Aetna replaces a previous provider once authorized under KANCARE.

Tami Robison, Budget and Finance Officer, led a work session to discuss projects and purchases that should be decided prior to the close of the fiscal year. Among the items discussed was the need to purchase hardware and software to replace existing equipment used in voting.  The old system is described as “falling apart”.

There is a need for a new ambulance as well as enlarged sleeping quarters in the building housing responders.  Apparently men and women must share the same sleeping quarters.  By enlarging the space separate rooms would be made available.

Among other items considered were shooting range improvements, completion of the Courthouse Plaza Master Plan and vehicle replacements.


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