Riley County Commission May 31, 2018

Riley County Commission May 31, 2018

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Rodriguez, Wells and Wilson present, Rodriguez chair.

Commissioner Wilson announced that he has decided not to run again for the Commission or any other public office at this time.  He has accepted a job with International Public Ministries.  This will leave the District 1 position on the Commission without an incumbent running in the upcoming election.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman said he had been asked for advice by a man on how to make a complaint regarding his being hit by an empty shell casing while riding his bike on 48th Street near a local trap shooting range.  The recommendation was for the man to make the complaint to the range owner since the event involved private property.

Jennifer Green, Health Department Director, requested a letter of support from the Commission to submit with a grant request to the Caroline Peine Charitable Foundation for $100,000.  The funds will be used to provide quality improvement training to child care providers as well as help new providers meet required compliance standards. Request approved.

Green also submitted for Commission approval the annual Memorandum of Understanding between the Health Department and Irwin Army Hospital at Ft. Riley to provide WIC Services (Women Infants and Children) at the Hospital.  The program began in August 2017.  The annual caseload as of April 2018 was 844 clients.  The Hospital has increased WIC clerk stations to two.  Request approved.

County Extension Director Jennifer Wilson reported 616 persons received help from volunteers in filing their federal tax forms while 638 received such help with Kansas forms.   Wilson said this resulted in about $900,000 returned to local citizens assisted.

The Riley County Fair will be held July 26 through 28.

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