Riley County Commission May 24, 2018


Riley County Commission May 24, 2018

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Rodriguez, Wilson and Wells present, Rodriguez chair.

County Attorney Barry Wilkerson reported on a recent trial involving abuse of a child which resulted in that child’s death.  He said he appreciated the people who serve on the jury and have to listen to horrible things that occur with child abuse.  He noted such cases are expensive to bring to trial due to the cost of bringing in expert witnesses to testify and thanked the Commissioners for their support.

The Commissioners approved the ”Notice to Proceed” regarding a contract for a County-wide Emergency Radio Communications System Upgrade.  Emergency Management Director Pat Collins said, “You just saved lives today!”

Kevin Howser, IT/GIS Director, said he had just completed a “phishing” test for employees.  Apparently malware is getting more and more sophisticated and hard to detect.

Pat Collins, Emergency Management Director, said it is becoming more and more difficult to recruit volunteer firefighters for rural fire districts.  Apparently some states are offering incentives to help with recruiting.  Collins suggested providing some type of stipends to help attract volunteers and said the County needs to be proactive in seeking ways to maintain the system.

Tami Robison, Budget and Finance Officer, reported Pottawatomie County sent a check to reimburse Riley County for the cost of ambulance services.  The cost issue has been a matter of dispute over a long period of time.  Riley County ambulances have been serving that portion of Pottawatomie County which is located in the City of Manhattan.

Riley County offices will be closed on Monday due to the observance of the Memorial Day Holiday.

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