Riley County Commission, April 23, 2018

Riley County Commission April 23, 2018

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Rodriguez, Wells and Wilson present, Rodriguez chair.

In considering Pottawatomie County Commissioners complaints about the cost of ambulance services provided by Riley County, Commissioner Wells questioned the wisdom of continuing to have Riley County provide such services to Pottawatomie County.  He said he felt it was time to end the arrangement.  Commissioner Rodriguez tended to agree while Commissioner Wilson urged taking time to give it a little more thought.

Robbin Cole, Pawnee Mental Health Services Director, reported that 86 donor contributions with match funds amounted to a $20,559 total received by Pawnee during the recent Greater Manhattan Community Foundation Grow Green Day event.  Cole said an alternate position is open on the Pawnee Board.  She suggested one of the Commissioners might consider serving.   Commissioners from other counties have served in the past.

Cole said plans to create crisis stabilization coverage continue to be studied.  Cost is an issue.  Apparently insurance coverage, except for Medicaid patients, ceases after 72 hours of treatment.  Pawnee expects to request $725,000 from the State and anticipates the State will expect some County help with providing the services.

The Superintendent at Osawatomie State Hospital has resigned and an acting Superintendent has been appointed.

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