Riley County Commission, March 26, 2018

Riley County Commission March 26, 2018

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Rodriguez, Wells and Wilson present, Rodriguez chair.

Lori Feldcamp, Director of Big Lakes Developmental Center, said her agency had just completed and passed its State licensure review.  The agency will now begin to prepare for its National accreditation renewal due next year.  She said BLDC was to be recognized that evening for its services to the community at the Chamber of Commerce awards annual dinner.

Persons with Intellectual and other developmental disabilities and the agencies that serve them will be visiting the State Capital tomorrow to ask support for their programs.  The agencies received a 3% increase in State financial aid last year, the first increase provided in a number of years.

Chairman Rodriguez read a proclamation in recognition of National Public Health Month.

Assistant County Attorney Craig Cox provided Commissioners with information on the County’s decision to terminate the inter-local agreement to move the local law enforcement center’s shooting range to Ft. Riley.  The original agreement with Ft. Riley was agreed to prior to the approval of the Range Officer at the Fort who brought attention to possible conflicts that could arise with that agreement.  The County could stand to lose up to $400,000 and the range under certain circumstances if it is built on Fort property.

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