Riley County Commissioners Meeting, March 5, 2018

Report on the Board of Riley County Commissioners Meeting for March 5, 2018

Observer: Bill Schenck-Hamlin

Topics of the Business Meeting

1 Commissioners proclaimed that the first day of Spring is to be celebrated as National Agriculture Day.
2 Commissioners signed a Riley County Position Action form to hire an asphalt supervisor.
3 The minutes for the March 1, 2018 meeting were reviewed and approved.
4 Commissioners approved the Tentative Agenda for the March 8 and 12 meetings.

Press Conference Topics

1 Commissioners noted that they were in communication with Lynn Jenkins and other representatives about upgrading the radio communication system in Riley County. They stated that the upgrade will be important to NBAF and the people in Riley County.
2 People’s State Bank donated real property to the County for a fire station. The donated property exists in Leonardville, where the fire station will be built.
3 Captain Rich Fink of the RCPD said that they have been pulling resources together for Saint Paddy’s day. Also, a drowning occurred last weekend in which local fisherman overturned his boat and drowned. Captain Fink warned people that lake water is icy cold this time of year and hypothermia is a real threat to life.
4 Gina Scroggs reported on two events for Downtown Manhattan. First, Downtown Manhattan will sponsor a 5-mile run for breast cancer. Money raised will benefit the Johnson Cancer Research Center on campus and Downtown Manhattan. KSU Marching Band has joined the event. Beer and pizza will be available. Last, Downtown Manhattan has hired a new manager who will be developing special events for Manhattan. They are presently working on a new concept, called “Third Thursdays.” The point is to encourage people to come downtown.
5 Megan Dougherty from Walk Kansas reported on an event that will take occur from March 18 to May 12, 2018. The purpose of the event is to get people outside and exercising on a more regular basis.
6 Laurie Harrison reported that the National Weather Service from Topeka, KS will present information on severe weather and precautions the public can take to minimize the effects. The presentation will be at the Wareham Hotel on March 26, 2018.
7 Leon Hobson received an award for Government Engineer of the Year. On another topic altogether, Hobson reported that pre-cast concrete box culverts needed to be installed at four different places: Parallel Road, Center Hill Road, Cavalry Road, and Sherman Road.

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