Riley County Commission, February 5, 2018

Riley County Commissioners Meeting for Monday, February 5, 2018
Observer:  Bill Schenck-Hamlin

Business MeetingRiley County Commission, February 5, 2018

1. Commissioners approved a set of tax roll corrections.

2. Commissioners funded a travel request for Allen Todd and Greg McHenry to attend the 2018 International Association of Assessing Officers conference.

3. Commissioners funded a travel request for Garry Rosewicz to attend Public Works conference in Wisconsin.

4. Commissioners gave permission to install a sign in the right of way of the Manhattan airport terminal. A large sign (38’ X 12’) will be installed at the entrance of the airport terminal. The sign reads: Fly MHK.

5. Commissioners approved the use of cell phones for staff.

6. Commissioners approved the minutes from the last meeting.

7. Commissioners reviewed the agendas for meetings on 02/08/2018 and 02/12/2018.

8. Riley County counselor and director of administrative services, Clancy Holeman, reviewed pending county projects.
Press Conference

9. Captain Rich Fink of RCPD had nothing special to report about Manhattan traffic or crime.

10. Cheryl Collins said that The Riley County Historical Society and Museum will present three programs on Manhattan life in the 1880s. On February 8 at the Manhattan Public Library from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, the Historical Society will examine home furnishings, comforts of the home, and controversial topics of the time. The Wolf house will be toured on March 15th and April 19th.

11. Gary Rosewicz will hold a public meeting for a bridge replacement at or near Randolph. The meeting is public and folks will discuss a couple of options for the replacement. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 13 at Randolph City Hall.

12. David Adams, the EMS Director, provided the commissioners with options for increasing the size of the Manhattan Ambulance service. Though ambulances can serve Manhattan residents quickly (under 10 minutes from the time of the 911 call), northern areas of the county cannot be served so quickly. Adams presented four scenarios for improving the situation. Each scenario reduced the amount of time to serve cities of Riley, Randolph, and Leonardville. Commissioners will need time to decide on the best scenario.

Meeting Adjourned

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