Riley County Commission, January 25, 2018

Riley County Commission January 25, 2018

Joan Strickler, observer.

Commissioners Rodriguez, Wells and Wilson present, Rodriguez chair.

Commissioner Wells mentioned his concern about the amount of food that is thrown out in our country.

County Counselor/Director of Administrative Services Clancy Holeman led an administrative work session on the recommendation to approve the proposed Radio Communication Systems User Agreement. Riley County will be responsible for paying $1,262,514.50 of the $7,428,802.74 total system cost.  Non-County entities are to be contractually obligated to pay the additional cost of the System.  The current radio system used by entities such as police, fire, and EMS emergency response personnel has not been functioning properly.

Kevin Howser, IT/GIS Director, gave an extensive update of activities including getting operational a video conferencing system for judges to deal with distance situations such as State Hospital involuntary commitment hearings.  His staff also is working on Windows 10 upgrades.

Commissioners were presented with a K-113 Corridor Study proposal by Alfred Benesh and Co.  The study looks at potential growth and increasing traffic volumes and offers possible modifications needed.

Register of Deeds Debbie Regester said Legislative changes to the Mortgage Registration tax have resulted in Riley County’s income from fees reduced from $529,549 in 2016 to $379,561 in 2017.

County Treasurer Shilo Heger presented a report noting Riley County’s Sales Tax collected in 2017 is down from the amount collected in 2016.

Tax collected 2016 $3,579,528.22                 Tax collected in 2017 $3,514,265.98

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