Riley County Law Board, January 15, 2018

Riley County Law Board, January 15, 2018

Observer: Greg Wurst

The Riley County Law Board met at noon on Tuesday, January 15.

Regarding the Consent Agenda Commissioner Reddi mentioned that DUIs continue to decrease.

Officer Johnson spoke on behalf of the Fraternal Order of Police and stated that things in general, communications in particular, went well in the recent shooting incident.

County Attorney was reappointed Hearing Officer for the Law Board.

The ’18 budget timeline was reviewed.  It will be similar to 2017 and there are no big unusual expenses foreseen.  Commissioner Wilson requested a parallel budget tracking actual expenses.  This would be an added workload.  RCPD said they would try to keep track of expenses.

Regarding the new agreement with KSU Police, it was explained that KSU police has jurisdiction on all KSU property and adjacent roads such as portions of North Manhattan and Anderson.  The agreement was approved after some questions about definitions of words.

The Radio Communications Agreement was approved after the funding was explained.

The meeting was adjourned after an executive session.

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