Riley County Commission: November 27, 2017

Riley County Commission November 27, 2017

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Ron Wells and Ben Wilson present, Wells as chair.

Cheryl Collins, Director of the Riley County Museum and several staff members described the types of work they have been involved in over recent months.  The Museum hosted the Kansas Museum Directors association and the directors were very impressed with the active involvement of Riley County’s board members.

On Tuesday Command Sergeant Major (retired) John White Jr. will talk about his role serving in the U.S. Army from 1950 to 1979.  White currently serves on the board of the Riley County Historical Society.

Lori Feldkamp, Big Lakes Developmental Center Director, said Kansas is now in the process of soliciting bids from companies interested in serving Medicaid recipients in Kansas.  She said she has received inquiries from Aetna and other similar insurance companies.  There remain lots of questions to be answered regarding the Medicaid program at the Federal level as well as with KANCARE in Kansas.

Jennifer Green, Director of the Riley County Health Department, asked for approval to submit a request to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for a $5000 grant to assist hospitals and healthcare providers develop injury prevention plans and procedures.  Permission granted.

The Commissioners voted to approve the installation of a Street Light at the intersection of College and Marlatt Avenues.



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