Riley County Commissioners Meeting, November 6, 2017

Riley County Commissioners Meeting for Monday, November 6, 2017

Observer: William Schenck-Hamlin

Business Meeting

  1. Commissioners approved promotions for two people in the Riley County office.
  2. Commissioners approved an advertisement to replace a culvert on West 543th Avenue.
  3. Commissioners approved an amendment to increase the funding for a renovation project in the clerk’s office. Six thousand dollars was added to the project.
  4. Commissioners approved a .80% cost of living pay increase for appointed and elected officials.
  5. Commissioners approved the minutes from the last meeting.
  6. Commissioners reviewed the agendas for meetings on 11/9/2017 and 11/13/2017.
  7. Riley County counselor and director of administrative services, Clancy Holeman, reviewed pending county projects.
  8. Riley County treasurer, Shilo Heger, reviewed the balance sheets for Riley County. To date, sales tax collections are down by 1.57% compared to October 2016.

Press Conference

  1. Gina Scroggs from Downtown Manhattan reviewed the plans for the upcoming events during the Holiday season.
  2. Captain Rich Fink of RCPD noted that preventable accidents were up by 1% but injury accidents were down. He also discussed shift changes that would place more officers on duty when and where they are needed.
  3. Leon Hobson briefly discussed a public notice on the project that will be underway soon.
  4. Rich Vargo noted that a general election will be held on Tuesday, 11/07/2017 for the City Commission and School Board. Everything is ready.

Meeting Adjourned

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