Riley County Commission: October 23, 2017

Riley County Commission October 23, 2017
Observer:  Joan Strickler

Commissioners Wells, Rodriguez and Wilson present, Wells presiding.
Robbin Cole, Director of Pawnee Mental Health Services, said Ossawatomie State Hospital is continuing to lose the State $1 million a month due to loss of federal certification. Currently Larned State Hospital is now in the news due to similar problems in being in non-compliance. Larned has been given one month to come up to the standards. The State is looking into privatizing the hospitals but must have Legislative approval to do so.
A legislative forum involving local State Legislators to discuss mental health issues will be held from 5:30 to 7:00 Tuesday at Manhattan City Hall.
Register of Deeds Debbie Regester reported the County is well ahead of projected income for this year amounting to $751,000. However, she has been tracking daily revenue loss due to changes in filing fees and the mortgage registration tax approved by the Legislature. Total revenue loss from January l, 2005 (when the new fee/registration tax went into effect) through October 17, 2017 now totals $538,510.
County Clerk Rich Vargo encouraged people to vote in the coming election on November 7. This year is the first time for school and City elections to be held in the fall.

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