Riley County Commission, September 25, 2017

Riley County Commission September 25, 2017

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Wells, Rodriguez and Wilson present, Wells presiding.

Health Department Director, Jennifer Green, requested Commission approval to submit a grant proposal to the Peine Foundation intended to supplement federal funds provided to identify needs of underserved populations in the County.  The additional funds would allow the Department to hire one full time Community Liaison who would recruit individuals to assist with neighborhood surveys, and arrange to provide bus transportation to meetings with food and interpreter services as needed.  The surveys would help identify unserved or underserved individuals with conditions including mental illness, diabetes, heart and other problems.  The request was approved.

Clancy Holeman, Counselor/Director of Administrative Services expressed appreciation to the County’s local elected officials who participated in a meeting with State officials regarding the re-certification of the RCPD self-funded workers comp funds plan.  Problems and misunderstandings were identified and, hopefully, problems solved.

Leon Hobson, Public Works Director, reported on a meeting with Ft. Riley representatives to discuss the possibility of constructing detention structures on Fort Riley land.  Such structures would be intended to reduce the impact of flooding on Wildcat Creek.  Additional information is needed.  Commissioners agreed to join the City in paying for a feasibility study prior to any such construction getting underway.

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