Riley County Law Board, September 18, 2017

Observer:  Greg Wurst

The Riley County Law Board met at 12:00 PM on Monday, September 18.

It began with an update on the Community Advisory Board.  There are nine members and one vacancy.  A KSU student has just been recruited.  Their job is to assist and advise the RCPD and relay community needs to them.  They meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 11:30AM at Bluestem Bistro.  All are welcome.

October 28 will be a day when prescription drugs can be brought to RCPD or the mall for destruction.

RCPD is buy seven new vehicles that were already in the budget.

The Radio Infrastructure Replacement Agreement was discussed.  The county will be in charge of the infrastructure, e.g. antennas, relays and towers.  Agencies that was to be a part of this and use the system such as RCPD, Manhattan Fire Department, Emergency Services and Ambulances will have to buy the prescribed radios to fit the system.  The county will buy the infrastructure and radios together to get them cheaper then distribute the radios.

The Workman’s Comp Self Funding agreement was approved after discussions on the definition of an emergency and funding which will be agreeable to the state.

The Law Board will furnish a letter approving a grant request which will fund a recovering mental health patient as a certified peer counselor who will work with inmates and recent releases.  The letter will give the grant a priority and allow the a counselor to work in the jail.The counselor will work through Pawnee Mental Health and is budgeted for 20 hours a week.  They will help people with things such as housing, medicaid and finding a doctor.

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