Riley County Commission July 24, 2017

Riley County Commission July 24,

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Wells and Wilson present, Rodriguez absent.

Lori Feldcamp, director of Big Lakes Developmental Center, reported the Legislature approved a 3% increase in funding for developmental disabilities centers this year.  The two year budgeting process provides for a similar increase for a following year.  Feldcamp says the increase will allow Big Lakes to raise hourly salaries to $11.  Low salaries have made it difficult to attract employees and keep positions filled.  The increase in funding is the first for Kansas’ developmental disabilities centers in nine years.

Feldcamp said BLDC is initiating a drive to raise endowment funds to provide the agency security against budget cuts in the future.

Riley County Extension Director Jennifer Wilson said efforts are underway to prepare for the Riley County Fair to be held July 27 through 31.  Admission is free and a $25 wristband allows the person to enjoy all rides from 6-10 pm each night. The Kaw Valley Rodeo will also be held at the Fair July 27, 28 and 29 in Wells Arena starting at 8 pm. This year the announcer will be on horseback in the ring.  Entries are coming in from many states.

The Tax Auction on delinquent ad valorem property is scheduled for August 16th.  Persons interested should check the County website.

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