Riley Count Commissioners Board Meeting, June 26, 2017

Board of Riley County Commissioners June 26, 2017

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Wells, Rodriguez and Wilson present, Wells as chair.

Robbin Cole, director of Pawnee Mental Health Services, said the news from the legislative session this year is basically positive. Community mental health facilities are allowed to exempt guns from their premises and first responders may now administer medication to deal with opioid abuse.

Osawatomie State Hospital continues to lose $1 million a month because of lack of federal certification; however, issues affecting patients have been corrected and remaining deficiencies involve food service and policies. Governor Brownback still would like to privatize State hospitals.

Jane Freyenberger, WIC Supervisor, presented the Kansas Local Health Department Agency’s proposed budget to cover WIC and breastfeeding services for Riley County, Fort Riley and Pottawatomie County. All federal funds are involved. The Commissioners approved the $874,161 request for FY 2018.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman presented a request for a fence viewing. Kansas Statutes require that the board of county commissioners shall act as “fence viewers” upon request. The Commissioners asked Holeman to find an agreeable time involving all the Commissioners and parties involved.

The Director of the Riley County Museum, Cheryl Collins, encouraged people to attend a presentation by Allana Saenger Parker, “Summer Outside the City: Eureka Lake Resort”. The lake once existed about where the Flint Hills Job Corps is now. It involved an amusement park and resort that attracted tourists from as far away as Chicago. Parker will speak at 7:00 p.m. at the Manhattan Public Library on Wednesday, June 28.

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