Riley County Commission Meeting, April 3, 2017

Report on the Board of Riley County Commissioners Meeting for April 3, 2017

Topics of the Business Meeting

Observer:  Bill Shenk-Hamlin

  • Commissioners proclaimed April as Child Abuse Prevention month. The proclamation asserted that children are the key to the State’s future and so they have a right to be safe. Since child abuse and neglect can be prevented, our community should provide help to that end.
  • Drew and Amber Vennum petitioned the County Commission to rezone a tract of land from “AG” (Agricultural District) to “C-PUD” (Commercial Planned Unit Development). The land is approximately 50 acres in size and located just south of Randolph township overlooking Tuttle Creek Lake. Secrest Road accesses the area. The Vennums want to purpose the land for conferences, retreats, meetings and other social and recreational uses. Commissioners were mostly focused on accessing the site using Secrest Road, which is unpaved. The site could potentially receive a substantial number of visitors from April to October and a gravel road, they thought, is simply not safe enough to handle the traffic. The petition was tabled until Secrest Road is improved. There are no plans to pave Secrest.
  • The minutes for the March 27, 2017 meeting were approved.

Press Conference Topics

  • Captain Josh Kyle of the RCPD provided information about police calls and citations during Fake Patty’s Day. This year, FPD experienced fewer citizen generated calls for service than in previous years. Calls to RCPD generally concern noise, parking, checking the welfare of participants, unruly participants, and non-injurous accidents. Of the five, parking and welfare issues had the most calls. The lowest number of citations were written this year in comparison to earlier years. Of the total, most were written for possession of an open container in public and parking violations. RCPD theorizes that the cold and rainy conditions over FPD reduced the police calls and citations.
  • Cherl Collins reported that the Riley County Historical Society will hold its annual program and dinner meeting on April 11 at 6:30 p.m. at the Zeandale Community Church. Anyone may attend if they make a reservation and pay $13 for the dinner.
  • Leon Hobson, Public Works Director, reported on the status of various road and bridge construction site in Riley County.
  • Cindy Volanti, Human Resource Manager, asked Commissioners to retain the Columbus Day employee training program for 2017, to add a urinalysis technician for the Community Corrections Department, and to make a change in their workers’ compensation and leave policy. All three requests were approved.
  • Monty Wedel, Planning Projects Director, discussed an area north of Tuttle Creek Blvd near North 48th Street that could become a site where commercial shops might be developed. The area requires both water and sewer service. Commissioners told planner to study the requirements for service but will wait until someone requests use of the site for shops.
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