Riley County Commission, March 27, 2017

Joan Strickler, observer

Riley County Commission March 27, 2017

Commissioners Wells, Rodriguez and Wilson present, Wells presiding.

Lori Feldcamp, director of the Big Lakes Developmental Center, expressed her hope that a proposed increase in State funding for centers serving persons with developmental disabilities will actually be passed into law.  Staff members have had no salary increases for eleven years placing the centers in a difficult position in personnel recruitment.

She spoke in support of efforts do away with the consolidation of seven disability groups under one waiver.  The needs of persons with different disabilities can vary greatly. The DD Centers would prefer to conduct all the assessments separately.

Emergency Management Director Pat Collins announced the Transfer Station will be burning material over the next several days.

Volunteer firefighters dealt with 28 calls last week.   At one time 6 fires occurred at the same time requiring all but one truck out to provide help.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman noted the Legislature will begin first adjournment this coming Friday.  One measure under consideration is of particular concern to the counties.   It would make the position of county appraiser an elected rather than appointed position.  Such a change could lead to property appraisals influenced by politics rather than made on the basis of fair value.   At one time appraisers were elected leading to a non-uniform appraisal system throughout the State.

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