Observer: Helen C. Estes

The Riley County Health Department Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) met as scheduled.  The monthly meeting was called to order by Adam Bowen, PHAC Chair.

Director’s Report:  (Given by Jennifer Green, RCHD Director.)

  1. A summary of all of the grants to be applied for by RCHD was given as some of these must be approved by the BOH prior to submission of applications. Jennifer pointed out changes in amounts requested in 2016 & relayed the reasons associated with the changes.  She pointed out areas where available funding had decreased for 2017 & showed the resultant adjustments required to accommodate these areas.  Of particular concern was the need to combine the Maternal-Child & Reproductive Health monies with the Immunization monies as there will be less available monies for immunization services.  It is anticipated that this might create an area of discussion by the BOH so Jennifer requested that any available public/citizen voices be available when she presents all of this information to the BOH (Riley County Commissioners).
  2. Later this week there will be an application for WIC monies.
  3. A newly hired individual will soon be onboard to assist with the accreditation process.
  4. There are two vacancies now available. Especially important to fill ASAP is that of the APRN.  This is a highly specific position & critical for the services of Family Planning & Reproductive Health.  Jennifer has requested that all PHAC members keep this critical need in mind when out in the community & to refer any known nurse practitioner who qualifies.  This positon requires not only APRN licensure but also specifies @ least one year of experience with Family Planning & Reproductive Health along with four years of nursing experience.
  5. The National Public Health Week is the first week of April. RCHD has planned a special event during this week.  It is Bug-A-Palooza to be set-up @ the Manhattan City Park Pavilion on 06April2017.  The focus of this event will be:  1) Summer Safety Aspects such as mosquitoe & other types of bug bites; 2) Vaccines will also be available.  KSU personnel will also participate.  This will be available for the community.  Family attendance will be encouraged.


  • It was proposed that RCHD involvement with childcare provider inspections be considered a topic for deeper discussion in upcoming meetings. A preliminary discussion started @ this meeting but time was a limiting factor & it was determined that childcare (& providers) are important to the community.
  • Also mentioned as a topic from previous meetings was the need for increased numbers of Primary Care Physicians in Manhattan. One PHAC member indicated that she understood Via Christi had hired three additional Family Practice Physicians but this was not confirmed.  This subject was tabled for a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned @ 5:05 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for 22March2017

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