Riley County Commission, February 27, 2017

Riley County Commission February 27, 2017

Observer:  Joan Strickler

Commissioners Wells, Rodriguez and Wilson present, Wells presiding.
Commissioner Wells expressed the opinion that Kansas counties should consider legal action against the State for loss of local mill levy funds. Locally raised county taxes are required to be sent to the State but only part of the funds raised are returned to that county. Wells also questioned the proposed increase in gasoline taxes because the State possibly could use those funds for other purposes than highway improvements.
A report from the Kansas Association of Counties noted the Legislature has completed turn around in that bills considered in one house of the Legislature must be moved to the other. There are, however, certain committees which can continue to introduce bills such as the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. The Legislature will return to Topeka on March 5.
Cheryl Collins, director of the Riley County Historical Museum, said the Museum will showcase eight National History Day exhibits from Sunday March 5 through Sunday March 12. The exhibits were prepared by sixth grade students from Woodrow Wilson and Marlatt schools under the direction of U.S.D. 383 teacher, Terry Healy.

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