Riley County Commission, January 26, 2017

Riley County Commission

January 26, 2017

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Wells, Rodriguez and Wilson present, Wells chair.

Assistant County Attorney Craig Cox updated the Commissioners on his work.  Benefit districts have expanded as property owners who originally refused to participate have changed their minds as the benefits of belonging become apparent.  Cox updated the Commissioners on code enforcement and delinquent tax actions.

The Commissioners discussed the goals they recommend setting for the current year. Commissioner Wells noted concerns about moving the ambulance services to the fire department location due to, what he sees as, unfair demands of K-State attorneys and Foundation staff during negotiations.  Wells said there is no sense in moving emergency services to a location where they could be kicked out after 12 months.  He said he is requesting a meeting with K-State’s president to clarify matters.

Commissioner Wilson listed several goals he sees for the current year.  The first would be to finalize arrangements for the police to use the Fort Riley shooting range in their training exercises.  He also would like the County to look into the advisability of running the ambulance services on its own rather than through a contract with Via Christi Hospital.  He added that he felt it would be wise to look into possible savings through reviewing fleet replacement practices of the County.

Commissioner Wells said the office space needs of the County still remain to be addressed.

It was mentioned that decisions about emergency radio communications must also made.

Commissioner Rodriguez said he still believes all Commissioners should receive the same pay.  After extensive discussion Commissioner Rodriguez offered a motion to set a uniform salary for all Commissioners at (approximately) $43000 for 2017.  Wells seconded the motion.  Rodriguez and Wells voted yes, Wilson no.  Motion passed


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