Riley County Commission, November 28, 2016

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Wilson, Boyd and Wells present, Wilson chair.

During the public comment period incoming Commissioner Marvin Rodriguez argued against the Commission’s intent to lower his salary as a new Commissioner from the amount currently paid Robert Boyd the existing Commissioner. Commission Chair Wilson spoke of the McGrath study that reviewed and recommended pay schedule tiers for all County employees based on education, experience and years of service. The recommendations for County Commission members are based on that study. Rodriquez pointed out that the only qualification for becoming a County Commissioner is to get elected and the salaries should be comparable. Wilson said he would consider the matter for the next meeting.

Lori Feldcamp, Director of Big Lakes Developmental Center, reported delays and backlogs in the registration system for Medicaid reimbursements. Medicaid is the main support for their facility but State match funds are required to bring down the federal funds. The KANCARE system is lowering costs but doing so by cutting services and delaying reimbursements. The KANCARE Legislative Oversite Committee is working at re-submitting the State plan for approval this year.

Feldcamp said Big Lakes is mailing out letters requesting support for its Foundation. The Big Lakes Foundation funds building projects and other needs but also is being dipped into to meet operations costs.

Cheryl Collins, Director of the Riley County Historical Museum, spoke of its new centennial exhibit, “The Riley County Historical Museum: Celebrating 100 Years of History and Heritage” now open. Notable objects include a section of the original seating from the Wareham Opera House, a penny-farthing bicycle owned by Guy Varney and a hand-carved sunflower clock made from local wood for the world’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. The exhibition will run through 2017.

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