28 September 2016

Observer: Helen C. Estes

The Riley County Health Department Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) met as scheduled.  The monthly meeting was called to order by Ginny Barnard.

Director’s Report:  (Given by Jennifer Green, RCHD Director.)

  1. The infectious outbreak affecting students @ MHS has ended as far as new students becoming infected. There are still no diagnostic results from the stool samples & swab samples sent to Topeka so a causative microorganism has not been identified.  These specimens are now being sent to Minneapolis Public Health for further studies.  RCHD has done an internal audit of this event & the activities implemented by RCHD in response to MHS’s request for help shortly after MHS realized that a community health threat was occurring @ MHS.  RCHD plans to collaborate with MHS staff to set up guidelines for improvements in notifications as well as in the response to any future outbreak that occurs.  Both parties intend to have more regular contact so that any future outbreak won’t accelerate into a crisis level.
  2. The feedback session for RCHD’s Strategic Planning Session was held with RCHD staff, PHAC members, & community members. The feedback from these individuals is now being used by RCHD personnel to further develop goals for the Strategic Plan which will be submitted to the BOH (Board of Health) in December, 2016.
  3. Raising Riley facilitator is up & running.
  4. RCHD is developing new initiatives with Ft. Riley.
  5. There is now a policy for No Smoking/No Vaping on all RCHD properties.
  6. There are new breast feeding guidelines and instructional handouts for RCHD’s Family & Child Resources. Leslie Campbell is the new facilitator of this department.  She asked PHAC to review the policies, procedures, & instructional sheets that will then be used in this department.  Both Dr. Gross (outgoing collaborating physician) and Dr. Sutton (newly appointed collaborating Physician) have reviewed these same materials.  PHAC feedback questioned reading level of the materials as being too high for many clients and also suggested that some of the birth control might be better presented if there was one area where the individual could look from one birth control form to another to more easily the various choices offered.  The new facilitator is going to follow up these suggestions.

The meeting was adjourned @ 4:55 p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for 26 October 2016.

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