Riley County Commission: September 26, 2016

Riley County Commission September 26, 2016

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Wilson, Boyd and Wells present, Wilson chair.

Commissioner Wells mentioned that a woman asked him about costs relating to the tow charge she received following a car accident.  Apparently the charge from the towing company was $145 plus an amount per mile.  Her question was about an additional charge of $145 for the police department who called in the request for the tow.  This brought the total charge for the woman to an amount in excess of $290.  Mr. Wells will check with the police.

Kevin Howser IT/GIS Director reported his office is working with K-State to set up a voter registration site in the KSU Union.  He added that his GIS staff worked with Manhattan High School in plotting out the home locations of students affected by a flu-like illness wondering if the problem related to a specific area of the city.  It did not.

Lori Feldkamp, Director of Big Lakes Developmental Center, said Big Lakes had just been awarded a three year accreditation.  The agency has received CARF accreditation for a total of 36 years and is one of only eight similar agencies so accredited in Kansas.  She mentioned the difficulty in attracting and keeping staff with starting wages of $10 an hour.

County Clerk Rich Vargo said on site advance voting begins October 19 and extends to November7 at two locations, the County offices building and the K-State Union. Advance voting is also available by mail ballot. He encouraged early voting to ease the impact on the polls the day of the general election.

Vargo encouraged voters to check the ballot as it appears on the County website, since the ballot will be abnormally long and include the retention of judges and a State constitutional issue.


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