Voting in Kansas without Proof of Citizenship (for now): New Guidelines for using the Federal Form for a Full Ballot

Breaking News:  Individuals (citizens) will be able to partially register to vote a COMPLETE ballot for the next election without having to submit a birth certificate or passport, if they are unable to access one.  After the election, things may change. Please spread the word to your friends, staff, and students.

According to Riley County Elections Officer, Sandy Boller, these are the current guidelines from the Kansas Secretary of State  for use of the Federal Form for Voter Registration:  (These may change AFTER the 2016 election depending on court rulings, but this is where we stand now…) (These are notes from our conversation, not a quote from state documents.)

  1. If you register with the Federal Form , you WILL be able to vote November 8, whether or not you have submitted proof of citizenship (Like a birth certificate or passport) Completing and turning in the form is all that must be done right now. (By October 18.)
  2. When you go to vote, you will be given a “provisional” paper ballot with ALL the choices for offices, local, state, and federal listed.  They will be counted as official votes.
  3. To know your polling place, the easiest way is to vote in advance October 19 or later.  You can do this at Riley County Courthouse or at the Bluemont Room in the Union.  You may also call the Elections Office at 785-537-6300.  They will tell you your polling place.
  4. The Department of Health and Environment is sending the county lists of people who are born in Kansas.  They may mark you off the pending list automatically.  Then you will get a card telling you you are fully registered until you move someplace else.
  5. REMEMBER: Bring your official government issued picture  ID!  (License, KSU id card with picture, MHS ID, expired license if you are over 65, military ID, tribal card, etc.))

AFTER THE ELECTION:  Pay attention as court cases are still happening.  A later ruling may say the federal form isn’t enough and you might have to send in documents. If you find your proof of citizenship later, you can still send in a copy, or take a picture and send it in.  You may also fax or email your voter registration application and proof of citizenship to  Fax # 785-537-6394.  Text # 785-317-0467.

The key thing is you WILL be able to vote this election with the federal form. 

Here is where to find the form (Print off the forms in the middle of this instruction book.)  You most likely won’t find it on the Secretary of State’s website yet.

Note:  the County office will still call you and remind you to  turn in documents for absolute complete registration, but you are ready to vote in November

Thank you, Everyone, for passing this on to your friends and neighbors.


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