What Does the County Commission Do?

By Joan Strickler

Let's do It!

Let’s do It!

(In response to many questions, our faithful observer, Joan Strickler compiled this explanation.  Here is a reminder for community members who aren’t sure whether or not their vote makes a difference in our local government.  Thank you, Joan!)

The actions of the Riley County Commission have a broad impact upon the lives of all of us.  The Board of Commissioners funds and oversees the County Health Department which provides reproductive health services, pre and post-natal services for mothers and babies, vaccinations and a wide variety of other health related programs including environmental protection.  The Environmental Health Division is responsible for supporting and enforcing the County Sanitary Code through education, evaluation, permits and inspections.

In recent years the County is helping to fund the aTa bus services providing transportation to K-State students on campus as well as the community in general.

The County Commission, in cooperation with the City Commission, funds the Police Department. The County funds the County Attorney’s Office, Court Appointed Special Advocates for children and Senior Services for older adults.

The County Clerk’s office is responsible for all aspects of voting.  You go to the County Treasurer’s office to register your vehicle, renew your driver’s license and (darn) pay your taxes.

This brief description does not begin to cover the numerous ways the actions of the County Commission can affect our daily lives.  It’s important that voters, young and old, take time to inform themselves about issues and candidates’ positions if they want to make wise decisions when they vote.


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