Riley County Law Board, September 19, 2016

Observer:  Greg Wurst

The Riley County Law Board met at noon on Monday, September 19.

Retirees from the RCPD Auxiliary were recognized.

A local citizen spoke about her concerns about drinking in Aggieville.

A summary of the annual audit was given which RCPD did good.

KSU Police Department is working on a new memorandum of understanding further     defining their jurisdiction.  This comes from current cases where there is a question, but the Law Board has not seen the MOU so not much could be said about it.

For years RCPD has been trying to become self-insured, but state regulations and the unique city/county relationship has caused numerous delays. Hopefully, it could come to fruition before October 1 which would save RCPD some money, but realistically it will not happen until after the first of the year.

The Strategic Multiyear Plan was discussed.  It was pointed out that improved mental health expertise and more personnel for courthouse security have already been funded and are part of the plan.  Technology is everchanging and needs to be in the budget.  The shooting range which has been in the plan for years is still an ongoing project.

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