USD 383 Board of Education, July 20, 2016

Kathy Dzewaltowski, observer

The board discussed the firms that had responded to USD 383’s request for proposals to help the district with long-range facility planning.  Eight firms had submitted proposals, and the board had previously reviewed the proposals during the July 13 meeting.  Based on board members’ responses, the proposals had been informally ranked into three groupings from high to low.  The three firms in the top grouping included BG Consultants, Ebert Mayo Design Group, and Gould Evans.  The second grouping included BBN Architects and RJCF Architecture/Bruce McMillan Architects, and Eric Reid, Asst. Supt., said there wasn’t a lot of difference between the top group and  the middle group.  Board members indicated that they would like to hear presentations from the five firms in the top and middle groupings.

Lew Faust, Dir. of Business Services, provided the board with information for budget planning.  Assessed valuations had increased 3.29%, which means a mill will generate more revenue than previously.  Mr. Faust provided the board with options of increasing the Local Option Budget to 33% or keeping the mill levy neutral, which would still generate more revenue due to the increase in valuations. Leah Fliter said she was concerned that the state might cut funding during the year, as has happened in the past, and she preferred to have the budget authority available if it were needed.  Mr. Faust commented that if the state were to cut funding during the year, the district would need to use its contingency reserves, and the board also needs to consider replenishing the contingency reserve fund.  Darell Edie said he would like to know what the dollar increase would be for the average home price and for businesses for the next meeting.


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