USD 383 Board of Education, June 1, 2016

Kathy Dzewaltowski, observer

Dr. Bob Shannon, Superintendent, discussed with the board the possibility of schools being shut down on July 1 due to unresolved state funding issues and the June 30 deadline established by the Kansas Supreme Court to resolve the issues.  Dr. Shannon said he had previously taken the view of “wait and watch,” but now it was looking more seriously like something could happen, the urgency had been upped, and district administration was beginning to make plans for a shut down.  Board members were asked to reserve June 22 as a possible special meeting date to address a shut down.

Dr. Carol Adams, Dir. of Teaching and Learning, provided board members with information about summer programs.  Of the 18 approved summer programs, 12 would be interrupted if a shutdown occurred, which would impact approximately 770 students enrolled in those programs.

Lew Faust, Dir. of Business Services, informed the board that he had more questions than answers as to what will happen if schools shut down July 1.  Districts are not supposed to raise or distribute funds with a shutdown, but he wasn’t certain how the specifics will play out.  For example, the summer meal program is a federally funded program as opposed to state funding, but the district pays local people to implement the program.  Eric Reid, Asst. Superintendent, said he wasn’t sure if the meal program could continue with a shutdown because the district would need to disburse funds in order for the program to operate.

The board approved making repairs to screening panels that had been placed on the existing portions of MHS during the renovation project four years ago.  Birds have been able to roost behind the panels, causing problems.  At a previous meeting, board members had asked administration to investigate whether the expense for the repairs could be recouped from the architect or contractors and learned that since the project had been completed four years ago, probably not.  They were advised to move forward with the repairs and check for anything negligent that might have occurred during construction.

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