Riley County Commission, April 18, 2016

Julie Merklin, observer

All commissioners present

Pat Collins gave an update on agricultural burning for the month of April.  Up to the 18 of April there were only 8 days of  burning because of windy conditions.  During this time almost 28,000 acres  were burned.  Some unplanned fires occurred because fires which were thought to be “out” had some embers which were revived by the wind and had to be put out again.

Clancy Holeman and the Commission discussed the relocation of the County Ambulance HQ to renovated and expanded Manhattan Fire Dept HQ.  Many details must be worked out, including responsibilities for County and City. They discussed covering the costs, issuing bonds, how much and how long a bond issue.  Work will continue on this.

The foundation of the courthouse has been leaking and the Commission agreed to go ahead with waterproofing.  They have requested more information. They will also have to address replacing the landscaping of the area which is mostly the south-east corner of the building.

Jessica Fiscus and Ginny Bernard presented a proposal to amend the Tobacco Use Resolution to include the outside ground and walking trail around the Health Dept. to be a tobacco/vapor- free environment , in order to protect the health of employees, clients, and visitors to the facilities.  Some legal details still need to be determined.

The commission decided to go ahead with repairs and rehab on the Winkler Mills Bridge.

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