USD 383 Board of Education, Feb. 17, 2016

Kathy Dzewaltowski, observer

Eric Reid, Asst. Superintendent, provided the board with an audit report for the budget, comparing 2015 to 2016.  Full-time equivalent headcount for 2015 was 7,341.6 and for 2016 was 7,495.3, representing a difference of 153.7, which was due to increases in some of the weighted categories.  Mr. Reid had also determined that USD 383 has received $707,546 less in state funding with the block grant funding system as compared to the old finance formula.

The board considered an appeal made by the parents of a high school swimmer in which the parents requested that their daughter be allowed to both practice with a club swim team and compete with the MHS swim team.  USD 383 administration had denied the parents’ request, and the next step in the process was to appeal to the board.  Several members of the public addressed the board in support of the parents’ appeal, highlighting a scheduling issue and pointing out that the club team and the MHS team practice at the same time of the day and in the same indoor pool, thus making it impossible for a swimmer to practice with each team separately.  Board member Leah Fliter said she was not interested in micromanaging coaches and said she would like to see the matter appealed to the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA).  Dave Colburn also indicated he didn’t want to go against administration’s recommendation and didn’t want to micromanage, but he said he also understands it’s a bigger issue.  Board president Marcia Rozell suggested tabling the item, with the possibility of inviting a KSHSAA representative to attend a future meeting.

The board approved the purchase of 280 iPads for $152,040 and approved the refinancing of bonds (approved by voters in 2008) that will save $5.7 million from the district’s bond and interest debt service.


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