Riley County Commission Meeting, November 23 and 30, 2015

Riley County Commission November 23, 2015

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Wells and Boyd present, Wells presiding.

During early remarks it was mentioned that lobbyist Dick Carter said it appears all moderates are being removed from leadership positions in the Kansas Legislature.

Lori Feldkamp, director of Big Lakes Developmental Center, updated the Commission on proposals under consideration by the Kansas Department on Aging and Disabilities. No rules or regulations, however, have yet been presented. Proposed changes could impact seven different services affecting elderly individuals, and persons with various mental, physical and categories of disabilities. Currently the groups each operate with their own regulations and requirements. The proposed changes would attempt to include all under one set of regulations and requirements. Kansas is the only State to propose such changes.

Considering Kansas’ budget situation it is anticipated no dollars will be available to eliminate the waiting lists. According to Feldcamp more than 100 individuals are currently on the waiting list for services from Big Lakes. On the State level the waiting lists exceed 3000. There is also some concern about the availability of the transportation grant for Big Lakes since the grant currently funding transportation for clients runs out July l.

Many concerns were expressed by the various entities involved in the construction of the proposed Tuttle Cove Fire Station. Apparently engineering studies have called for a soil conditions study prior to building a retaining wall.  That need had been questioned earlier by the Commissioners, however there seemed to be some confusion that the study pertained to the retaining wall, not the building itself.  It was agreed the study is needed and the County will see that it is performed.


Riley County Commission November 30, 2015

Joan Srickler, observer

Commissioners Wells, Boyd and Wilson present, Wells presiding.

Gregg Eyestone, Extension Horticulturist, announced a series of winter gardening talks have been scheduled at Pottorff Hall over the next several months. Interested persons should check with the Riley County Extension office for more information.

A considerable amount of time was spent discussing cost estimates for the McDowell Creek Road improvement. Original estimates placed the cost at a little over 3 million dollars. All bids submitted on the proposal, however, exceeded 6 million dollars. After considerable discussion it was agreed that other project needs are more important and to delay any actions on McDowell Creek Road at the present time. Commissioner Wells said he was not interested in spending that kind of money on the three miles of road under consideration. Apparently the entire road is due for resurfacing within the next several years.

A number of people spoke in support of extending the Native Stone Scenic Byway Designation along Hwy 18 (Zeandale Road) to Hwy 17 out to I-70. Two persons complained about current noise and disturbance along Zeandale Road caused by a Ranch offering entertainment and space for special events. It was pointed out that this was different than the Byway currently under discussion but could be dealt with at another time.

Commissioner Wells said he had received complaints from property owners along Hwy 177 concerned about possible restrictions on their property rights. He wondered if the extension could not instead run onto the McDowell Creek Road. Following discussion Commissioner Boyd offered a motion to approve the request including the portion on Hwy 177 for two years. Commissioner Wilson voted in favor, Commissioner Wells opposed. Motion passed.

Commissioner Boyd said he would like to see any increases in the sales tax receipts to be targeted toward those agencies receiving cuts in the 2016 budget.

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