Riley County Commission, November 16, 2015

 Julie Merklin observer

Commissioners Boyd &Wells present.

Debbie Regester gave the year-to-date revenue figures. In 2014 revenue was $900,636. In 2015 it was $1,129,394. This was due to a couple of large mortgages. Because of the changes in filing fees, there was a revenue loss of $128,906.

The treasurers office is starting the process of changing the fee schedule effective Jan. 1, 2016.

Clancy Holeman presented the contracts for the Indigent Defense Panel. The amounts were increased 1.5%. The Commission approved.

Jennifer Wilson, Riley County Extension, distributed flyers about the various activities. John Jobe talked about special interest 4H groups in several schools. Northview school had a 5 week session on Linguistics, Ogden’s group studied the biology of flies. A club focusing on STEM and engineering design process is being developed.

John Doehling, RCPD asst. director, spoke about the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The local FBI wants one full time officer from the RCPD to work with them on the JTTF, looking at local issues.

Leon Hobson, Public Works director, gave recommendations for the courthouse security project.

The commission approved all four alternatives added to the base project. These addressed concerns of safety (the sally port) weather and water (the ramp & canopy) and included painting and counter space . The total is $463,210.

The Commission adopted a resolution appointing Dr Cary Herl as local Health Officer.

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