Observer:  Helen Estes

NOTE: The September Board Meeting was cancelled due to circumstances    @ RCHD. This resulted in two RCHD PHAC meetings in October.    Both of these meetings are included in this summary along with an announcement from the RCHD Director.


Helen C. Estes

The Riley County Health Department Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) met as scheduled. RCHD Director, Brenda Nickel reported the following:

  1. There will be a presentation to the Board of Health (Riley County Commissioners) on 26October2015 @ 7:30 PM regarding the CHIP process & it’s implementation. The three major areas of focus are: Communication, Coordination of Mental Health Services, & Transportation. There has been identification of existing community resources that are currently in place & are @ least in part working toward meeting these goals. This part of the implementation process assures there will not be duplication of services.
  2. Octoberfest is the annual Flu Clinic being held @ Pottorf Hall on 08October2015 from 3:00-7:00 PM. There will be a wide range of activities for families both inside & outside. There are charges associated with the immunization and all insurance payments are accepted. She noted that Walgreens does have some free doses available.
  3. RCHD will soon be able to accept online payments from the public. All programs will be able to use this. There is a 2.5% cover charge to use this but this will not be passed on to the clients.
  4. The Ebola Funding Grant is $26,000.00 & requires information-sharing with community people who will also be involved with handling the ebola patient. Civil Defense requirements are a part of this which she identified as very important & are resulting in improved, collaborative relationships within the community.

New Business:

Adam Bowen requested that current RCHDAC members submit nominees for replacement Board members to the Riley County Board of Health.

Adam Bowen requested a brief summary of the CHIP outcomes thus far. A summary of factors presented about each of (3) areas chosen from the community assessments were given. The areas of focus are communication, mental health, & transportation and Brenda & staff responded to many possible/probable directions to be taken.

The meeting adjourned @ 4:55p.m.

The next meeting is scheduled for 28October2015.

The Nov/Dec Combined Meeting will be held on 02December2015

NOTE: Administrator/Director Brenda Nickel sent an email to the RCHDAC

that she had resigned her position with the Riley County Health

Department. Her last day will be 11December2015. The position is

posted on the Riley County Website.


Helen C. Estes

The Riley County Health Department Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) met as scheduled. Adam Bowen chaired the meeting and addressed the loss of Brenda Nickel previously announced. He and other Board members congratulated Brenda as an outstanding Director who had made many positive contributions to the RCHD.

RCHD Director, Brenda Nickel reported the following:

  1. Riley County is conducting annual performance evaluations so RCHD is in the midst of doing this.
  2. RCHD are putting together all of the activities currently performed in each position & placing these into a notebook which will be given to the individual hired to replace Brenda.
  3. The Oct-flu-ber Fest went well. The only problem encountered was the shortage of VFC vaccine. This meant inadequate amounts for the children. This event not only is a great offering to the community but it also offers necessary practice for the staff as they treat the event as they would respond to a public health disaster/emergency in the community. Events like this accomplishes many things.
  4. RCHD is participating in the state data-gathering system so all departments are getting their information online and are submitting their information by the same process.
  5. Ebola Funding: Riley County Health Board steered the direction of funding towards getting protective equipment and having it available for staff use/practice. The staff is always cautioned to assess for anyone who has traveled to parts of the world that has active cases.
  6. The last two flu clinics will be held in November, 2015.
  7. Patients/Clients may now make payment via credit/debit cards as well as do this online if desired. It is hoped that having these payment resources will result in increased revenue for the RCHD.
  8. In the early summer, there was a large regional conference that discussed the problems encountered when trying to meet all of the needs of many Medicaid patients. There was identification of two areas with unmet needs—1. Those with mental health needs and 2. Those with dental health needs. This summit meeting also had similar input from some county corrections officers as well. Brenda & others are hoping that a similar session could be held in the near future that could be coordinated with the legislative session so that there could be sharing of information with legislators and hopefully there would be better understanding of the need to have Medicaid dollars to meet these needs. She suggested that a core committee be developed in order to organize regional individuals to attempt to solve these problems. Chris McClead from Manhattan Via Christi Hospital indicated that they are hosting Indiana Representatives who were involved in increasing their state’s Medicaid Budget/Spending. This is happening next week.

New Business:

  1. Request that Advisory Board members create a list of possible candidates for replacement of current Board members whose term will expire @ the end of 2015.
  2. Possible Criteria for members:
  3. Must live in Riley County
  4. Ideal to find someone who works in Women’s Health
  5. Faith-based Individual—local church leader
  6. Someone actively involved in the Flint Hills Clinic

Meeting adjourned @ 5:15 PM.

Next Meeting: Combined Nov/Dec Meeting: 02December2015


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