Riley County Commission, October 26 and 29, 2015

Riley County Commission October 26, 2015

Joan Strickler, observer

Commissioners Wells, Wilson and Boyd present, Wells presiding.

The Commission agreed to sign a contract with Westview ATMs to provide an ATM in the County Office Building. The private company will supply the ATM and charge users $2.50 per transaction. The County will receive fifty cents of that transaction fee and, at a certain level of higher ATM utilization, the amount to the County will increase to seventy-five cents.

Commissioners voted to approve the purchase of two trailer mounted message boards to alert motorists. They can be used to warn drivers of traffic hazards and, possibly, advertise events at County owned properties such as Pottorf Hall at Cico Park.

Jan Scheideman, with the Riley County Health Department, reported findings of the KIDS COUNT Databook report for 2015. A trend of continuing decrease in timely immunization rates of children continues.  Though low in Riley County, peer counties in Kansas are even lower.   The overall rate of uninsured children has dropped slightly to 3.67% uninsured. The number of live births to mothers without a high school degree has dropped slightly.

Hospitalizations for mental health in children are trending higher than the state generally. Mental health services for children are the number one priority for Riley County’s health improvement plan.

Pasture burning in Kansas continues to be a problem with air pollution reaching as far as Omaha and even Chicago. If Kansas doesn’t meet requirements more controls will likely be placed.

Emergency Management Director Pat Collins urged people requesting emergency notifications on the Riley County website to check the county of Riley but also, on the next page, specify the type of notifications desired. Some people check only the Riley box and complain when they receive all notifications, some of which they have no interest in. Commissioner Boyd suggested it would be wise to require those individuals who burn to check into the notification system.

In considering issues to bring to the Kansas Legislature, the negative impact of the loss of mortgage registration fees combined with the property tax lid have resulted in a considerable negative fiscal impact on counties. Commissioner Wells said Texas initiated a fee structure affecting entities that utilize county services. Many who supported the change in the mortgage registration fees rely to a great extent on county services. Perhaps counties in Kansas will have to consider charging fees similar to those in Texas.


Riley County Commission October 29, 2015

Joan Strickler, Observer

Commissioners Wells and Wilson present, Wells chair. Commissioner Boyd was absent.

The major topic of the meeting was discussion of plans to host Riley County legislators at a luncheon meeting on November 12. Some topics to be considered include removal of the tax lid on counties as well as ways to speed up the collection of delinquent taxes owed to the counties. Another topic will deal with raising the competitive bid threshold on sewer district repairs.

Possible ways to speed up delinquent tax payments might involve denial of vehicle registrations for people owing delinquent taxes or applying funds payed by the delinquent taxpayer for other purposes first to the taxes owed. The legislators have agreed to attend the meeting with the exception of Representatives Swanson and Highland who have previous commitments.

Discussion of a proposal from CGI Communications, Inc. to make available links on the County website promoting business opportunities in the County was delayed until Commissioner Boyd could be present.



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