Riley County Commission 9/28/15

Observer: Joan Strickler

Commissioners Wells, Boyd and Wilson present, Wells presiding.

Public Works Director Leon Hobson recommended changing established speed limits on Skyway Drive. Apparently there have been complaints that the current limit of 45 is too low. Hobson recommended three speed changes along the route but the Commissioners thought, given the short length of the route from Manhattan into Fort Riley, there should be no more than two changes. It was agreed to up the limit to 50 mph from Manhattan to just past the airport and to 55 thereafter.

The Riley County Extension office has developed a guide for a Manhattan City Park Tree Walk. The brochure identifies 35 different trees in the Park and their locations. An initial tree walk is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday September 30.

The Commissioners discussed a recent meeting with local legislators. It was emphasized by Rep. Ron Highland that any information should be submitted to him before the new session begins because, he said, it’s too late once the session is underway.

A lengthy discussion was held about a property no longer being used by the owner. Apparently property taxes have been paid, not by the owner, but by the mortgage company. The cost of penalties due the County for unpaid fees for utilities has been adding up. It is not clear whether the owner is making house payments. Staff will look into the matter further and report back at Thursday’s meeting.

Emergency Management Director Pat Collins spoke of the need to replace current Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) equipment for the volunteer firefighters. While the current equipment is operable, upgrades will be needed in the near future. Staff will research options for funding sources.

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