Riley County Commission, July 27 and July 30, 2015

Observer: Joan Strickler

Riley County Commission July 27, 2015  (July 30 follows)

Commissioners Wells and Wilson present, Boyd absent.  Wells chaired the meeting.

A member of the public complained about a police official and the County Attorney not responding to his emails.  It was pointed out that the County has no control over the police department which operates under its own Kansas statute.  The County Attorney, as well, is not under the control of the County since the office is held by an independently elected County official.

Commissioner Wells was concerned that the City Commission is considering buying out property that has been subject to flooding along Wildcat Creek.  He pointed out that property taxes would be lost impacting the County treasury.

Community Corrections Director Shelly Williams presented final budgets for 2016 as well as a report on year end outcome achievements for Commission approval.  Motion to approve the report and budgets passed.

An informal discussion was held when the Director of Big Lakes Developmental Center failed to appear as scheduled.  Commissioner Wells complained about the quality of work being done on Tuttle Creek Boulevard.  The project is funded by the Kansas Department of Transportation.  It was suggested problems may have something to do with work being done only at night.

Reports on the County Fair were positive.  Wells said younger bulls in the bull riding contest appeared to be the winners this year.  The riders seemed to fall quickly right out of the gate.  A concern was expressed about possible injuries to the riders.

July 30 th Meeting

Commissioners Wells and Wilson present, Boyd absent.  Commissioner Wells chaired the meeting.

Commissioner Wells complained about an article in the Mercury regarding City funding of the Riley County Police Department.  There was no mention of the support provided by the County, such as the RCPD building and the maintenance costs involved plus funding of prisoner costs such as health care.  He intends to talk to the Mercury about the omissions.

County Counselor Clancy Holeman advised the Commissioners against agreeing to any constituent request to view property that might become a complaint that would be brought before the Board at a later time.  The party in opposition to the constituent’s position could claim the Commissioner had already made his mind up regarding the issue.

The Commissioners expressed regret about needing to cut social service agencies but said it was necessary due to the cuts to the counties caused by the State’s actions.  Commissioner Wells said they tried to distribute the cuts fairly in an effort to have the least negative impact on the overall system.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 9:00 a.m.

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