Riley County Commission, July 20 and July 23, 2015

Observer: Julie Merklin

Riley County commission July 20, 2015

Commissioners Wells and Wilson present

Cheryl Collins, RC Museum Director reported that the KS Humanity Council is sponsoring a grant program named “The Things They Carried Home,” with the objective of understanding through these objects the experience of returning military. Seventeen KS organizations were awarded grants in 2015.  The activities of the grantees will help teach people to appreciate and how preserve the artifacts that are brought home by service members .

Jennifer Wilson from Extension announced the opening of the Riley County Fair.  Information may be found at

Pat Collins told the Commission about the changeover from the old IRIS emergency notification system to the new Everbridge system.  Registering at the new site will be done at  Residents listed on the old system will not be automatically transferred to the new system.
July 23, 2015

Commissioners Wells and Wilson present

This was a very short meeting.  Aside from the usual business meeting, minutes, etc. the only item of general interest was the report of Kevin Howser, IT/GIS Director, who reported on continuing improvements on the County GIS site.

The plat of the Shon addition was approved.

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