Riley County Health Departmen Public Health Advisory Council, April 22, 2015



LWVMRC Observer: Helen C. Estes

The Riley County Health Department Public Health Advisory Council (PHAC) met as scheduled. RCHD Director, Brenda Nickel reported the following:

  1. Jessica Fiscus has been hired to fill the position of Health Educator.
  2. All of the health improvement community planning meetings have  been completed. The next steps involve narrowing of the currently very broad goals, research of various evidence-based best practices   & utilization/development of these goals into positive action that   will benefit the Manhattan/Riley County community health.
  3. The Riley County Health Department (RCHD) will initiate budget   development within the next week. The PHAC requested that RCHD complete this process in-house then schedule a presentation to the Council along with the required presentation to the Riley County Commissioners (Board of Health) on 15May2015.

Adam Bowen led discussion regarding excessive alcohol intake & binge drinking issues. Further data was presented with regards to fines/punishment in other KS communities. Discussion centered around possible methods to communicate PHAC’s concerns & solutions. Adam Bowen & Deb Nuss have agreed to write a position statement.

Additional coverage of the previously mentioned Public Health Improvement community planning (See #2 above), occurred prior to adjournment. Brenda Nickel reiterated that actual development & implementation of a plan for meeting the Riley County community health needs should not occur within the health department. She is in contact with other counties to explore how each is integrating their existing community committees/councils, utilizing resources for effective leadership, & evaluating the accomplishment of meeting those public health needs in order to best benefit Riley County citizens.

{Hedge note:  I apologize for the late posting of this item.}

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