USD 383 Board of Education, March 25, 2015

Kathy Dzewaltowski, observer

Lew Faust, business services director, provided the board with information about possible budget reductions discussed by the Budget Advisory Committee.  Committee members had been asked to rank potential reduction items.  Items ranked in the “tier 1” cuts tended to be items that were “things,” such as equipment and supplies, as opposed to personnel.  Items in the “tier 2” level of potential cuts included more reductions related to personnel, and “tier 3” reduction items were heavily weighted toward personnel.

Mr. Faust also reported on action in the Legislature.  Mr. Faust informed the board that the governor had signed the “block grant” bill, and he also noted that a bill had been introduced in the Senate that outlines the future school funding formula once the block grant funding formula sunsets.  The Senate bill proposes changing the enrollment count date from September to December, will use estimated census data, has a component that will determine a district’s “success rating,” and may include a bond review board that will evaluate districts’ bond projects and only provide aid for projects for instructional space.  The funding formula will be applied to “6 innovative school districts” as a pilot beginning next year, will expand to 100 districts the following year, and will apply to all districts by the third year.

The board approved a roof project to replace the 20-year-old roof on Bergman Elementary and approved a lease agreement for space used by the Open Door and Adult Learning Center with Icon Investments.

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