USD 383 Board of Education, March 4, 2015

By Kathy Dzewaltowski

Board members discussed the possibility of authorizing a resolution calling for a mail-in ballot election to increase the Local Option Budget percentage.  The maximum for the Local Option Budget is 30%, but the Legislature modified the law to allow districts to increase the maximum up to 33% if approved by voters with a mail-in ballot.  The estimated cost for a mail-in ballot election was $88,250, which would be paid by USD 383.  Board member Darell Edie expressed his dislike for the cost of the election, equating it to two teachers’ salaries.  But, he felt a mail-in ballot would allow citizens to have a voice in the budget process and would allow the board to develop a compromise between raising taxes and making cuts to deal with reductions in state funding. The board approved the resolution fro a mail-in ballot election.

Dr. Bob Seymour, Associate Superintendent, is retiring, and the board discussed what to do with his position in light of reductions in state funding.  Dr. Bob Shannon, Superintendent, said that for other district vacancies, the district will not be advertising to fill those positions until more is known about state funding, but he felt the district couldn’t wait to advertise for a superintendent position.  Dr. Shannon had developed a revised job description for an “assistant” superintendent, as opposed to an “associate” superintendent, and the position would also have a reduced salary.  Board members expressed consensus approval of the assistant superintendent position.


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