Riley County Commission, Feb. 19, 2015

Riley County Commission Feb 19, 2015

All commissioners present.

The schedule was very light with a lot of “down time”, including an executive session.

Clancy Holman, county counsellor mentioned a number of bills in both senate and house,that he thought worth keeping track of.

Pat Collins, Emergency Management Director presented costs involved in purchasing a Point to Point Microwave connection to KSUPD. The contract went to Commenco of KCMo. And will cost $32000 over the next five years. This will enhance 911 communications.

Collins said that financing for the new Tuttle Cove Fire Station was put on hold while they looked for alternative funding sources.   The bids for the station were between $658,500 and $675.500. The current funds available are $350,000. The Commission decided to apply for a rural community development loan through USDA. They will revisit the matter when the results of the loan application are known.

Larry Couchman, EMS Director, discussed agreements with the City of Manhattan for housing ambulance and crew at MFD stations 2and 4. There was some discussion about a new EMS facility location.


Julie Merklin, observer


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