Riley County Health Department Community Meeting, February 8, 2015

By Helen Estes

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Manhattan Public Library

Riley County Health Department hosted the first of eight community meetings intended to spread the word/results from the Riley County Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment previously administered to many local respondents. These results were tabulated and interpreted by Wichita State University.

Following a very organized and informative summation of the findings, the individuals attending this session participated in a discussion of the results. As a result of the discussion, the group developed a list of current health and quality-of-life needs seen in the local community. A fairly extensive list was generated and then prioritized by each individual member. The priorities established in each of the individual sessions will be used to establish long-range goals for improving the health and welfare of all individuals living in Riley County.

Each of the remaining seven sessions will proceed in much the same way and will result in community–generated directions/goals that will be incorporated into the services/operation of the Riley County Health Department. Our community will definitely benefit from these sessions.

I would strongly recommend that everyone in Riley County attempt to attend one of these sessions. Specific schedule details of each community meeting are posted here:  The next meeting is at the Riley County Health Dept. 2030 Tecumseh Road Thursday, Feb. 12 1:00 – 2:30 PM


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