Riley County Commission Observer Report: January 29, 2015

By Julie Merklin

Riley County Commission:Jan. 29, 2015

All commissioners present

There were three main items of business.

Craig Cox, assistant county counselor, discussed the procedure for Tax Foreclosure cases and sales.

There are 497 properties, residential, vacant and/or abandoned on which taxes are owed. These are from tax years 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. A total of $2,285,624.24 taxes and special assessments are owed (plus interest).

In these cases a letter is sent to the taxpayer notifying them that the property is eligible for tax foreclosure. They have a chance to redeem by paying taxes owed and @ 20-30 people take advantage of this.

Several steps must be taken before a sale – including a resolution, investigation of   the title, filing the case in Court, notification by mail and publication in the Mercury. After a court order, notice of sale is published and then a tax auction is held.

From this sale proceeds go to pay for county costs and the taxes owed. Taxes collected are then distributed to political subdivisions, cities, townships, fire district, school districts, NCKansas Library Assoc.,State of Kansas, and Riley County.

The second piece business was opening of bids for the Tuttle Cove Fire Station. There were 6 firms bidding. Base bids ranged from $729,000 to $574,964. The bids were referred to staff for evaluation.

The last item was the presentation of proposed changes to the Agritourism regulations.   There are, at this time, @ 14 members on the Agritourism task Force.

Julie Merklin, observer.

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